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About Us


Our main goal is to connect individuals with great choices for their home in their neighborhood.

Living discovery.com was established by CA Plus Services in 2017, our fundamental goal is to help the homeowner to find the great local business for their home, from furniture to furnishing, also major services that require for their home maintenance. We are enthusiastic to bring locals updates on the latest and greatest business openings.

All individual visitors who visited Living discovery.com are encourage to share your reviews that benefit other among your neighborhood, but please be reminded of the content guidelines to avoid any inconvenience to others.

Every entrepreneur is welcome to set up a free account to post photos and message their customers.


Consistently maintaining a good quality and performing directory.


A platform that helps both the homeowner and business entrepreneurs towards their common goal.


Ensuring all content are relevant and appropriate, factually correct with unbias review.


Emphasizing various measures of quality, reliability, and activity that benefits the community.